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Ergonomic chairs ROYAL

Ergonomiškos kėdės ROYAL
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Ergonomic chairs ROYAL


The main formula of the absolute, i.e., ergonomics, comfort and design, is implemented in the armchair model “ROYAL” of Kulik System. Each line is a perfect complement to the basic idea of invulnerable aesthetics and full spine protection. The noble posture and straight back – it’s a sign of Royalty! The armchair serves exactly this purpose.


Ergonomiškos kėdės ROYALErgonomiškos kėdės ROYALErgonomiškos kėdės ROYAL

Colors and materials




Upholstery – eco leather, colour – midnight blue Individual stitching – “Design”
Base – chrome Headrest angle and height adjustment
Backrest and seat inclination adjustment Armrest adjustment
Soft padded armrests Seat height adjustment
Backrest vertical adjustment Swinging backrest
Seat horizontal adjustment (slider) Rubberized castors
Load bearing – 130 кg



Chair by Kulik System


Chairs of Kulik System guarantee a complete rest to the spine. The design of chairs repeats the natural anatomical contours of your body, corrects the posture, prevents the occurrence and progression of spine diseases and ensures health and comfort.




Ergonomic chairs ROYAL



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