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About us

About us


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Our goal is to create an ergonomic working environment.


We offer ergonomic desks, ergonomic chairs and ergonomic lockers.


We co-operate with a variable height tables, a global technology leader, Swedish capital concern. We can offer the widest range of height adjustable tables: mechanical, manual control to smart, programmable systems.


We offer a workplace with installed “ERGO Drive” system, it is the first choice to positive functioning and to improve labor productivity in workplace.


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Benefits of adjustable height workplaces for people and for the company:


– The Ability to move;

– Removed causes of discomfort;

– Increased job satisfaction;

– Improved concentration and focus on productivity;

– Improved team communication.

– Reduced number of sick days due to back pain;

– Encouraged employees;

– Encouraged employee loyalty to the company;

– Increased motivation to achieve goals;

– Improved company’s personnel interaction,

– Improved company’s image which is very important in choosing staff.


We offer an excellent combination of ergonomics: Height adjustable desks with ergonomic saddle-shaped Salli chairs.


How to use the chair Salli


Salli video 2


If you are interested in ergonomic desks, ergonomic chairs and ergonomic lockers, just contact our sales department by phone +370616753 72 or e-mail. info@ergosta.lt email and we will send you a special offer.


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